We can take our time with it now

I have never really liked going from place to place.

Well, that isn’t quite true because I easily don’t like moving.

It’s one of those things that I tend to dread. And then when it’s happening, I do it grudgingly plus with an awful attitude. At least that is the way it’s gone for the last 2 times every one of us have moved our entire family. However this time, I’m easily excited. That’s because this transport is being made so much easier thanks to short term housing. Plus, it’s now just our partner plus I who are moving. The babies are all grown plus out of the house. So, that will make this much nicer. And the area we are moving to is one that we have longed to live in. My partner plus I are leaving our tasks for partial retirement. This transport will allow us to start our own thing together plus grow it slowly or however every one of us wants. Yet, every one of us didn’t want to go there and have to just buy a house. Plus, a furnished rental just wasn’t that appealing to us either. My partner plus I wanted to sell our condo plus transport all our belongings to a storage facility in our new region. This way, we could get a short term lake house rental and take our time with this move. There would be no more running around plus taking short breaks just to get moved in someplace. With the month to month lease, every one of us is able to not only pare down all of our belongings as every one of us choose to, every one of us can look for the right house.



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