The playground is being installed by a bunch of felons

I came to learn that the county hired a huge amount of felons to build the playground unit at the park. I honestly want to tell everyone in town, even though I don’t want to jeopardize the project at all. We’ve been waiting forever for the county to finally build a park in the vacant lot at the end of the street. My husband & I went to a few different council meetings before they eventually approved the measure. My company bid on the construction work. I thought I offered them a satisfactory offer, but they found a construction company that was willing to do the job for half the price. They were going to take a whole month longer to complete the work, but the county did not actually care as long as they were saving some money. I was uneasy that we did not get the work, now I’m downright angry about the whole situation. I decided to do a little bit of research on the construction company & I found out that half of their employees happen to be felons. The owner of the company did more than five years for armed robbery & that was only 10 years ago. I am truly afraid to tell my husband about the company, because I think he is going to be really unhappy that they hired felons to build the playground. I entirely don’t want the project to get thrown out, but we certainly can’t trust felons around our youngsters. It will take a few weeks to build the park & they will be a couple of blocks from our front door. I wish I had not snooped on the company so I wasn’t stuck in this brutal situation.

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