Should have gotten a maid service long ago

Well, it just goes to show that we all live and learn.

This is true for those of us who are often too stubborn to realize that things just simply have to change.

I tend to be very much in that category. Unfortunately, I will just plug and plug along trying to get to a desired destination. However, that approach often leads to missing out on clear signs that maybe a new plan is in order. Recently, I have had to undergo a bit of a directional change myself. Thankfully, I have a partner who is able to do small things to help me see the light. My husband started interviewing maid services. This was over my objections but, I’m so thankful he knew me better than that. I alway feel like that I can do it all. And that goes for trying to be my own cleaning lady as well. However, it just wasn’t happening. I just had my hands too full. My kids are so busy as is my husband. So, I was doing all I could just to get the laundry done and maybe do some carpet cleaning. However, even that was completely wearing me out. I just couldn’t bring myself to do the cleaning lady chores but I was too stubborn to admit that I couldn’t. This is where having a keen and intuitive partner comes in real handy. He found a good maid service and it has been a breath of desperately needed oxygen for me. I can’t believe how much just having a maid service has added to my daily life.

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