Problems with the car heater

Sometimes life gives you lemons. This time the lemon life gave me was my car. Everything about it was half broken. I knew I needed a new car, but I was still in the process of saving up for one. Until then, It seemed like a different part was breaking every week. This week it was the car heater, and it couldn’t have chosen a worse time. We were having one of the worst winters we have had in years and because of my job, I have to do a lot of driving. Which means driving over cold and lonely roads that are normally lined with freshly fallen snow. In these types of situations all I want is some heat, and that is when my heater would break. Bad luck I guess. But sitting here complaining isn’t going to get me nowhere. I took it to a repair shop and spoke to some people there that knew a thing or two about heating and cooling and HVAC in general. The heating specialists there were so friendly and before I knew it my heater was fixed and I was well on my way. It was so wonderful to have a working heater back in order, now whenever I drive over the cold and snowy roads I no longer have to worry about my heater randomly stopping and me struggling to fix it. I can just enjoy the heat and the ride while I make my rounds around the city. At some point I will be getting a new car, but for now just having the heater running like it is supposed to is all I need.

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