Mom buying a printer

My mother is eighty years old but still very sharp and spry.

She lives on her own and is extremely independent.

She still drives, often goes out to lunch with friends and remains active in town politics. My mother also spends a lot of time on her computer. She looks up how to fix things, recipes, current events and all sorts of stuff. She downloads all sorts of information and pictures and likes to print everything. She goes through a ton of ink and paper. Just recently, my mother had some problems with her printer. The machine was gigantic, heavy and terribly outdated. She was excited to replace the printer with a new model with more options. She hoped to be able to print wirelessly and fax. My mother asked me for help in determining which make and model would be best. I’ve had some very bad experiences with buying printers. Many of the models are complete garbage. I told my mother to give me some time to properly research. I wanted to make sure she purchased a printer that would be compatible with her computer, be easy to operate and provide all the operations she needed. The very next day, my mother called and said she’d bought a printer. She’d driven to an office supply store and gotten talked into a printer by the salesman. The printer she bought required print cartridges that could only be ordered directly from the manufacturer. They were super expensive and difficult to install. I packed the printer back into the box and returned it to the office supply store. I was really angry at the salesman for talking an 80 year old woman into such an expensive model.

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