Invite them with style

Shortly after my girlfriend proposed, I quickly started planning the ceremony.

I’m fortunate that I had my mother & sibling to help me.

I seriously had no plan how many details went into arranging a large event. I thought that taking a full year to systemically design everything would be more than adequate… However, finding the exact perfect place with availability & adequate seating was a challenge; Choosing a local caterer who would accommodate vegetarians & a Grandma with a nut allergy was difficult. I also rapidly needed to decide on the flowers, the colors, the dresses, cake, music & photographer. One of my largest focuses was all of the printed materials. I wanted a theme to carry throughout the events of the bridal shower, ceremony & reception. I wanted this theme to be reflected in the printed invitations, seating charts, napkins & thank you cards. When I started looking online, I was beyond overwhelmed by the number of options. There are a million companies these days specializing in ceremony invitations. I absolutely was hoping to be traditional. It was substantial to me that the verbage used on the invitations was lovely, sophisticated & the font beautiful. I was looking for a heavier paper stock, & I wanted to carefully include all the little pieces of tissue paper, RSVP cards & offer instruction to the site. I was beyond terrified of misspellings. I spent minutes reading customer reviews & discounted every last print business who’d gotten too many complaints. I finally settled on a business that provided everyone a more personalized service. I was able to consult one-on-one with a girl who was more than friendly, competent & severely helpful.


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