Trying a corporate wellness program

I have been trying to find something to build up team morale.

Our company hasn’t had too many things associated with it in years.

I have organized work happy hours, a company baseball team and even holiday parties. A lot of people just don’t show up or when they do, don’t really enjoy participating. I looked around online on what I could do to make our company a fun one to work for. A lot of advice online was to offer a corporate wellness program. This is where I would talk to a local gym and get a discount on my company members working out there. I would offer perhaps free personal training or group fitness classes during the work week and maybe half off everything on the weekends. It comes out of the company budget. Also, the gym might work with me on costs since a lot more business will be coming their way. The only gym in our city is a core progression. They offer personal training five days a week. They also have yoga, spin, physical training and cross fit classes too. I am seriously thinking about reaching out to the core progression owner and hoping they will work out a deal with me. I am thinking it is more likely my team will want to go to the gym on their own. It is something healthy and could be quite a good deal. Who knows, maybe I could bond with different members of the company during a workout class. I would for sure use that company benefit.


Gym membership