I can’t be built like him

I am 37 years old and six feet tall. That is the same stats as Henry Cavill. Who is he? He’s the actor that plays Superman and The Witcher. There is no CGI fixing his body, he actually looks like that in real life. The guy has like an eight pack, jacked arms and is muscular everywhere. My girlfriend likes to say that since we are the same age and size, I should be built like him. That is totally unfair. I know Henry Cavill has a gym in his home. He has every machine, weight and equipment that you could possibly want. I also am willing to bet he has a personal trainer working with him daily to make his body look like that. I bet he has a chef making him meals that assist him in building muscle and leaving off fat. I know he undergoes severe training for any major role and does at least two workouts a day. I know for The Witcher he even has sword training that doubles as his cardio workout. I do not work out for a living. I need to report to a desk and type on a computer for eight hours a day. My workouts are after all of that when I am tired and not all that motivated. I don’t have a personal trainer, but a youtube video I found. I also don’t have a chef making sure I eat the best quality food. I eat whatever my girlfriend makes me. I look like a normal, slightly fit dude. That is the best I can hope for.

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