Heating and Cooling Company Brings Relief

When our daughter decided she did not have any desire to go to a college or school after school, we began exploring other options, obviously, she couldn’t just go out and get a task that would be considered a job move.

Working at a fast food restaurant just isn’t nice enough, and school doesn’t prepare teenagers for anything else.

That is when we started looking into the Heating and Air Conditioning program at the local vocational school. The two of us began making a checklist of what she was looking for in life, and then we started looking at how she could attain those goals! She wanted to do something with her hands. That meant a trade appreciate being a mechanic or A/C repair serviceman. She wanted something that she could learn in a year or 2 at the most, then again, the Heating and Air Conditioning program fit the bill, as did some other possibilities such as barbering and plumbing. She wanted to help people and have them be excited to see him pull up, however granted plumbers are needed and people usually appreciate them because they solve problems, however heating and cooling professionals don’t get quite as dirty. She wanted to learn something where she could start her own business, and she looked into what it takes to start several businesses, including heating and cooling companies as well as others. Well, I believe you can determine that she went to school and studied the Heating and Air Conditioning technology program. She now owns her own Heating and Air Conditioning company, and I never have to pay for an a/c repair ever again! Her company brings people relief!

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