A very physical family

I am a very physical person.

From the time I was little my parents pushed being active.

Over the summer I wasn’t allowed to stay inside and watch TV. I was outside playing with a soccer ball, riding a bike or going to my grandma’s pool. During the school year I played a variety of sports. I did volleyball and tennis for the school and also was a part of a hockey league not associated with the school. Fitness is something that is required in my family. As an adult I workout everyday. My whole family shares different workouts and equipment that works great. My brother has a treadmill that is just a moving belt. It adapts to how hard you push. You decide how quickly to run. It almost pushes you to run harder. My sister got a work out band that measures your heart rate. It tracks your periods of rest and intensity. It is made to get you to push for a harder cardio work out. I follow tons of MMA fighters and what they do for workouts. I like watching Conor McGregor videos and trying what he does. I like when he does movement drills and crawls around on the floor like some weird animal. I’ll frequently throw his workout videos in my family group chat and ask who can do what he can. All of us basically kill ourselves attempting to achieve it. When the family goes on vacation, it is a physical one of hiking, biking and kayaking. There is never a moment of rest and relaxation with my group.

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