When I found out my kid is expecting my first grandchild, I started making plans to have a home where both he plus my grandchild would want to come plus hang out. One thing I decided to do was to build a backyard playhouse. I consulted with a guy that sells prefab sheds, plus I discovered that he has some that are actually built with the plan of having people using them as additional rooms. He has some that artists have used as studios, boys have used as man caves, plus plant lovers have used as modified redhouses; So, why not a kid’s playhouse, right? Anyway, that is the first thing I started to do, plus it all began with step 1 – picking out the model I wanted. It only got more plus more involved from there. I got plumbing. An eco toilet. Then I got furnishings that were care about life sized dollhouse furniture… Curtains, a fridge, plus on plus on, but people thought I had lost my mind when I called in the heating plus cooling business. I was thinking I could put in central heating plus cooling plus wanted their advice on which kid of Heating and Air Conditioning technology would be best. Both of us talked about smart temperature controls, central air conditioner, plus a water oil furnace for the kid’s plumbing. I l received there is a new kind of air conditioner called a mini-split air conditioner, which I had never heard of before. I think the Heating and Air Conditioning salemas thought I was a bit looney, although I don’t care. In the end, I would end up getting a straight-forward window air conditioner from the big box store plus splitting out a hole in the side wall to put it in.

Building a Tiny House plus Putting in a Mini-Split Air Conditioner


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