They operate different down there

I often get into a dispute with my family that I never would have foreseen.

  • We fight about basically everything, but I really never believed that I would be arguing with them about the quality of living in the deep south, however having grown up in the distant north space of the country, I entirely had some negative opinions of the Southern pieces of our nation, and then.., but i moved there.

It turns out, there are a lot of awesome things about living in the South! Namely, the weather. If you have ever been living in the northern space of the country then you understand that the outdoor air temperature fluctuates wildly throughout the year, however one day it will be burning hot plus 90% humidity. The next few weeks when it feels as if the air temperature has dropped 50 degrees. You never know if you should expect to wear shorts or a Winter coat. I believe savor my central heating plus cooling system is the only thing that keeps me alive throughout the year when I live in such difficult outdoor weather conditions. However, after moving to the South I could see that indoor air temperature was not such a substantial deal. In fact, you do not even need a powerful central HVAC system to survive down here. You can really install a geothermal heat pump which will satisfactorily control your indoor air temperature without the use of any external energy whatsoever. Having high quality indoor air temperature control without worrying about the energy bill? If you like being comfortable plus keeping money in the bank, I believe that the south wins this competition.


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