The neighbor is putting a lot of saw dust into the air

The guy residing next to my wifey as well as I is making renovations to the house, and the guy bought the venue a couple of weeks ago as well as he started demolishing the dining room as well as the lavatory; it was straight-forward to see that he was going to make a lot of variations in the house.

Then once he finished with the demo work, the guy hired a construction crew to start really working on the house. They have been using the driveway as a staging section for the woodwork. They are using all types of saws as well as the dust from the wood is coming into our yard. It was all over the patio as well as the chairs. I think there is not much the guy can do to repair the problem, but it’s still causing a lot of troubles in our home. The saw dust is causing my poor wife to have an allergic reaction. She has not had a problem with dust sensitivities in years. We had to find the air cleaner in the basement as well as hook it up in the dining room. The dining room is the room that is closest to the section where the guys are really working. I’m not sure if the sawdust is entering through the cooling system or the HVAC duct, but the air cleaner seems to help now. I found the old device over the weekend as well as the air cleaner has been running always since then. Between the air cleaner as well as the flu symptom pills, my loving wife is feeling a wonderful deal of relief. I haven’t seen the owner of the condo in a few afternoons, although I hope the construction crew finishes soon.



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