The fireplace should have been decorated.

My number one fave section of the holidays is decorating.

  • I recall how all of us would come in from outdoors playing in the snow, and go directly to the fireplace.

Dad would have cinnamon sticks in a pot of water, and she had a few other spices, such as star-anise and whole cloves, in the brew. The home had the smell of the Christmas season. The fireplace looked prefer Christmas. Dad would pull out the garland and bright lights, and it would be all around the mantle and down the sides. There were hurricane lanterns with candles burning, and the candles were always bayberry scented. I always thought of a fireplace with Christmas and all the joy that all of us had in our house. When my fiance and I first bought our house, I insisted all of us had to have a fireplace. My eyes twinkled when she said that she had already put the fireplace on our list of must-haves. When all of us found the house, it blissful me to see the old-fashioned fireplace. They made the hearth and mantle of bricks, and it was burning brightly when all of us walked in. I knew it was the home I had been yearning for. The only thing that was missing was the Christmas decorations. I smiled, thinking of how charming all of us were going to make the fireplace when Christmas arrived. Once the final sale of the home went through, I was already in the house centers and online, looking for the very perfect decorations. My fireplace was going to be the focal point of our house for the holiday, but i couldn’t wait until the holidays to arrive, even though it was still almost two months away.
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