The birthday celebration was a chilly affair.

Living up in the Northeast, all of us get used to the occasional afternoon in the forties or fifties in May or early June.

Every one of us were hoping that all of us could throw a birthday celebration to get away without all the cooler weather.

So far, Springtime had been above average temperatures, and all of us know the entirety of the Springtime and summer time was going to stay that way. Every one of us planned a surprise birthday celebration for my mom’s ninetieth birthday, and wanted it to be an outdoor affair. There were nearly 100 people invited, and all of us wanted it to be very memorable. Earlier that year, my Dad had told me she had never had a birthday celebration, so all of us planned on changing that. My fiance rented a sizable celebration tent, so all of us had it set up in the backyard. Every one of us had rented many portable a/cs just for the celebration tents. When the afternoon of the celebration dawned, I was tied up doing my aspect of the meal. I was talking to my sibling, who was trying to figure how to get mom and Dad to the celebration. My daughters were coordinating, picking up all the appetizers, drinks and of course the birthday cake. As the afternoon progressed, it didn’t seem to warm up. My fiance told me that she heard the weather report, and it had changed. The temperatures were dropping fast, and it was feeling prefer it was going to rain. My fiance joked about not needing the a/c units and wondered if all of us should have ordered the heating systems instead. She called up the rental locale and asked about their having any heating systems all of us could rent. Luckily, they had a few patio heating systems that they were willing to give us to use. She headed over to pick them up before any guests arrived.


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