Sunlight requires the purchase of a new thermostat

The thermostat is placed on the wall in the living room.

This would seem like a good, central location for a thermostat.

However, because of the windows in the living room, it is not. This is because the sunlight shines through our big windows in the afternoon. That sunlight hits the thermostat for about 2 hours out of every day. This messes up the thermostat reading and makes it cold in the house. In the winter months the heater will turn off, and stay off, when the sun is hitting the thermostat. In the summer months the air conditioner will turn on, and stay on, while the sun is hitting the thermostat. Either way, it means we are cold in the house unless someone remembers to close the blinds. I would move the thermostat to another wall but for the fact that this thermostat is literally wired into the wall. I can only assume that those wires lead all the way to the HVAC system. That is why I have been looking into getting a new, wireless, thermostat installed in the house. The HVAC company that repairs our HVAC system said it is certainly possible. Our HVAC system is not that old and it would work with a wireless thermostat. Then they introduced me to smart thermostats as well. Smart thermostats are very intriguing. I understand they can work with a smart house set ups as well. Now I just need to decide on what kind of new thermostat I want. I have already determined that we are going to get a new thermostat. That is a given.

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