A trick to keep my HVAC business afloat despite tough times

When people started losing jobs and businesses shutting down, I knew I was heading for tough times.

But I decided to stay put so that I can last as long as possible.

I thought of doing three things to help me stay afloat while I figure out a future for my business. The first step I took was to downsize my workforce and retain only one HVAC serviceman. Then I moved from the premises I rented to a smaller commercial store-like office where I kept all my unsold HVAC products for sale. I also stopped opening the store regularly because of reduced business. While away on most days, I noticed that HVAC maintenance requests increased but the purchase and HVAC installation requests dipped. Over time I couldn’t sell any new HVAC systems but I got requests for used products with good seer ratings, including complete central air conditioning units. The only items I was able to sell as new were air purifiers. So while the new equipment was not moving, I opted to shop for, and store used heating and cooling appliances for resale. Some of them HVAC technology were in bad shape but I refurbished most of them for resale and even liaised with a reseller HVAC business to meet orders that I couldn’t fulfill. This shift in revenue stream forced me to source for more about HVAC used items and even rename by HVAC business name to include the word ‘used’ in the tagline. As much as the business took a turn for the best, none of these appliances attract an air conditioner service plan but customers are ok with that.

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