Space oil furnace keeps hedgehog moderate and safe

I use a space oil furnace to keep my pet hedgehog moderate in the winter; Hedgehogs need to stay about 74 degrees all year long. The two of us use central heating for the house. However, moderate air rises and it is constantly colder on the floor where the hedgehog is. Besides that, both of us adore to turn the temperature control down for the central oil furnace at night, and night time is when the hedgehog is most active so she needs extra warmth at night. That’s why both of us use the space heater. When shopping for a space oil furnace I was really conscientious of safety troubles regarding space heaters. I guess they can beginning fires if you aren’t careful. Space furnaces should constantly be clogged directly into the wall outlet and not into a surge suppressor or extension cord. Additionally, it is better to get a space oil furnace that has some safety shut off capabilities. I also knew I wanted a space oil furnace that has its own temperature control. Thankfully I found the perfect space oil furnace for my little hedgehog. It has a cord long enough to plug in where I want it. It has a safety shut off. If even a piece of dust gets stuck to the grill it turns itself off. Trust me this works. It has happened on a few occasions. That is super discouraging however at least it is safer than starting a fire. Also, the oil furnace I selected has its own temperature control so I can set it to a temperature that is comfortable for my little hedgehog. She stays nice and moderate and comfortable and safe with the space oil furnace on.


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