My wife was reading an article about energy efficient HVAC systems

When I was relaxing with my wife the other day on the beach we were very comfortable.

She was actually reading a DIY magazine and she started telling me about this article she was reading about energy efficient HVAC systems.

There were a few top HVAC systems on the list which I thought were really cool. The number one HVAC for the price and the energy efficiency was the ductless mini split. She was saying how the ductless mini split sounded incredible because it saved money by not using ductwork, it required minimal maintenance, and it allowed customized temperature control settings in different zones. The next on the list was a geothermal HVAC system. Now the geothermal HVAC system was more expensive for the installation, but she was saying it was worth the cost as it was easily the most energy efficient HVAC system. The only reason why it was coming in at number 2 was because it was so expensive to have installed. When she was telling me about it and how good it is for the environment, I thought that would be a pretty nice HVAC system to go for. Then she started telling me about radiant heated floors. This type of heating system can be used with a boiler system or a hot water tank to allow for the most energy efficient heating of all time. Radiant heating in general was a great way to heat a home while saving a tremendous amount of money. After she was telling me about these different HVAC systems, I thought the geothermal HVAC system sounded the best.


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