Might have to hire someone else

My husband works normal business hours.

My husband is a HVAC contractor and a lot of people assume that means our HVAC is in good shape. You would think my husband would be good about heating service and AC tune ups in fall and spring. Nope, he barely looks at our equipment. After installing, repairing and servicing HVAC technology all day, he doesn’t want to come home to it. The last thing he wants to do is more work and do it for free. The problem is our HVAC machine isn’t doing so well. It has been making weird noises and not wanting to turn on lately. I have told my husband the warning signs, he knows the HVAC repair but I can’t get him to do it. I think what I am going to need to do is call another HVAC professional. I hate to pay someone for something my husband can do easily. I need working heating and cooling though. I also will need to hire from his competition. I can’t have another HVAC worker tell my husband that I called for a repair, he would be mad. So I will need to hide the HVAC repair and hire the competing HVAC business to do it. I know I can easily get this done though. My husband works normal business hours. I can just have a HVAC professional come in while he is at work. The guy does his thing and off he goes. My husband won’t even notice our HVAC working better. He probably won’t ever think about our own machine until I mention it.



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