I hope he doesn’t fix it

Anytime something breaks in our home I just cringe.

My boyfriend really thinks he is a handy guy.

He has all the tools to fix the project. He also watches a lot of online videos. The poor guy has no fix it skills in his arsenal though. What really stinks is that my boyfriend gets super mad when his repair jobs don’t go well. It isn’t that unusual to see him throw his tools, scream at the top of his lungs and break whatever he was trying to repair. Recently our ductless cooling system decided to stop turning on. I have been trying to hide this repair from my boyfriend. I am sure there is something simple worn out inside the system. I just need a HVAC worker to come over and swap the part. Worst comes to worst, I could deduce the cooling repair. I feel at this point I am the most capable member of the house for AC repairs. My boyfriend would be unhappy because I know he would want to try and fix it. If he gets mad and damages our mini split, we are out almost 8 grand. I can’t afford to have him throw a fit when the repair doesn’t go well. Right now I have been trying to sneak a HVAC professional into the house without my boyfriend knowing. I also have been trying to hide the fact that it is the middle of summer and our AC doesn’t work. So far things are looking good. I just need to make sure he never tries to turn on the AC.
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