I don’t want the heating system on in summer

Our kid just likes the faux fireplace we got for the house.

  • The faux fireplace is crucial, just prefer a real fireplace.

It takes up a crucial portion of the south wall, but during Christmas I hang the stockings off of the mantle and we keep the “flames” going all day long. In fact, in Winter we light up the “flames almost every day. We also almost regularly used the space heating system aspect of the faux fireplace. Heat comes out of the vents that are strategically hidden just above the fire image. I love my faux fireplace. The only issue is that our kid has l gained how to operate it. She turns the flames on and off all of the time. In winter, she turned the heat on once so I would regularly check to make sure the heat stayed off. Then, in Springtime, I disabbled the heating system aspect because I got tired of having to open the doors to let freezing air in after the space heating system had been running for minutes before I noticed it. Well, it is Summer now and we got lake loft from a long day of fun when I noticed that the was running almost nonstop. Then I noticed that the space heating system was running in the faux fireplace. There is only a single person in this family who would have turned it on: our daughter. I don’t think how she did it. I thought I flipped the switch under the facade so that you can’t turn it on with the remote. I can only think our kid switched it back on somehow.


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