What happened to the current air purification system?

Last month, I obtained a current air purification system online.

I was hoping the air purification system would make our spouse suppose more comfortable in the house.

Ever since this pandemic has been raging, he has been a anxious wreck. He can’t seem to sleep or even suppose safe right now, even in our home. I had study how an air purification system can disconnect even the smallest of particles from the air. I ordered the air purification system, thinking that in a few short weeks I would have cleaner air and be able to make our spouse suppose a bit safer. It has now been almost multiple months. The pandemic is getting worse, and I still don’t have the air purification system. I contacted the seller, but he is no longer doing any supplier on eBay or Amazon. I tried talking to our bank to see if I could have the charges reversed, however they said I used our bank card and our bank doesn’t offer reimbursement love this one. I’m not sure if they didn’t know our story about the air purification system if there was something else going on, however i called Amazon and complained. They asked about our purchase number and I gave it to them. They said his ads were all withdrawn by Amazon, and he was no longer a seller. I already knew that. Eventually I got our money back from the air purification system. Two weeks after being reimbursed, I got the air purification system in the mail. It was much smaller than I had expected, however every one of us set it up to see if it worked. I know every one of us will be getting a whole beach house air purification system.

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