My spouse was away for the afternoon

I called my spouse and she confirmed the forgotten appointment

My spouse wanted to spend the afternoon shopping for Christmas presents, so I agreed to get up with the kids, make dinner, and take them to the park for a couple of minutes, however the weather was entirely rainy and gloomy that afternoon, so the two of us had to skip the park and stay home. The kids wanted to go to the park even though the weather was bad, and they were entirely aggravated when I said no many times… I told the kids that the two of us could watch a film or play a board game, but they wanted to play video games in their bedroom instead. I was laying downstairs learning the newspaper when I heard a lamp break. I heard the gentlemen screaming and I ran up the stairs. There was water all over the bathroom floor and 1 of the gentlemen had a big scrape on their head. I turned off the water and slipped on the floor, however my shirt, pants, and shoes were wet and the gentlemen were still fighting. I heard the fire alarm beeping in the bedroom and I remembered toast in the oven. I was going silly trying to disinfect everything up when I heard the doorbell. I did not order delivery and I wasn’t expecting any guests. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C service guy was standing there, but he said my spouse busy an Heating, Ventilation and A/C tune-up for that afternoon. I called my spouse and she confirmed the forgotten appointment. I had to let the guy in the home so he could take care of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C service. The gentlemen are still grounded from the television and video games after that brawl in the bathroom.

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