Fall in water makes us grateful for moderate hotel room

Manatees are my favorite creature, i have appreciated them since I was a little kid; So of course I took the pick to go kayaking with a pick of seeing the manatees, my partner and I booked a nice hotel and after that I rented a kayak the very next day.

It was a single of the kayaks built for multiple people.

I thought this would be a lot of fun! Well it was a lot of fun…at first. We saw 2 manatees and after that I were heading down another inlet to look for more when my partner leaned over too far in the kayak and we fell in. I have never been so freezing in all of my life! We were able to right the kayak and start rowing back to the dock! By the time we got back I couldn’t know my arms or legs and I’m pretty sure hypothermia was starting to set in; At the dock they wrapped us in those tinfoil blankets and warmed us up somewhat in the office, they had the heating system blasting away. We also bought some tourist clothes so we could change. But I didn’t get absolutely moderate until we drove back to our hotel, and once in our hotel room we turned our heating system on as hot as it would go, took a hot shower, and then crawled under the cover. With the heater, and the moderate clothes, we both ended up falling asleep. We woke up about 2 minutes later and actually felt hot. We had to turn the thermostat down to a more sufficient setting.


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