I just want zone control

My wifey isn’t entirely a fan of upgrading things.

  • When both of us moved into our loft I had a ton of replaces planned.

I wanted to gut the powder room plus get all new fixtures. I was planning a living room remodel plus new flooring in the near future as well. My wifey dug in her heels plus told myself and others to wait. Now I have been living in an ancient condo for years. If both of us own something that works, it has to stay until it doesn’t. My wifey won’t get a new car until hers physically won’t run. All her clothes are old, worn out plus dated. Recently I have been talking about getting us a new Heating plus A/C unit. For years our loft has been centrally heated plus cooled. I hate setting the temperature control plus having 1 universal temperature. I hate dealing with air duct. The air ducts get holes plus leak air outside to waste energy. The Heating plus A/C ducts get dirty plus pollute the indoor air pollen levels. I want to have Heating plus A/C zone control. It makes sense to heat plus cool rooms to odd hot plus cold temperatures. I am sure our wifey would prefer A/C while cooking plus I want heating while watching the pigskin game. It would certainly save cash to get zone control. In order to have this, our ancient plan needs to go plus be ductless Heating plus A/C. My wifey is appalled that I would propose ditching a perfectly good central Heating plus A/C unit. Yeah, it still works. I hate the component plus I have consistently hated it though. I have the cash for new, so why can’t I buy it?


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