I wish I would have learned about the ductless mini split before I invested in ductwork

I’ve come to learn that keeping the house heated and cooled is rather tricky.

I actually decided to have ductwork installed in my house so that I could go for a nice central HVAC system.

It was unfortunate that I learned about ductless HVAC systems after the fact. I learned that ductless HVAC systems are actually more energy efficient because they don’t lose energy with treated air flowing through the ductwork system. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to try going for a ductless mini split. I would be able to get multiple zones in my home meaning that I could have customized temperature control settings in every room of the house! After really looking into the ductless mini split system, I decided that I would just take my loss with the ductwork installation and just go for it! I figured I could maybe use the ductwork system in the future, or perhaps a future buyer of my house would appreciate the ductwork. It just seems like such a shame because I paid a lot of money to have that ductwork installed, but I certainly didn’t look forward to having it cleaned regularly! So I ended up going for my ductless mini split and I honestly have no regrets! I love the heating and cooling functions and I love how low my energy bills are. I definitely would have been paying more on the energy bills if I had gone for a standard central HVAC unit. I also appreciate the fact that the ductless mini split requires minimal maintenance with the HVAC professionals.


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