Ductless mini splits should be a good choice in the future

I recognize you live and learn.

That is what they consistently say.

I never fully believed that crucial lessons were seeping into my head when I was younger! However, the older I get the more I look for the lesson in all of my experiences! This is how I can process rough events and try to do better for myself in the future without being miserable for too long. This was certainly my strategy last year after I had a major heating, cooling, and air quality control investment take a turn for the worst. You see, I had moved into a residence and realized that the air quality control machine needed to be upgraded. I found a high quality Heating & A/C dealership in the section – or so I thought. I utilized their Heating & A/C services to acquire a new heating, cooling, and air quality control machine for the entire residence. I thought that my Heating & A/C investment would last me the next 20 years… however I was totally wrong… Within a year all of my air handling devices were not operating properly. I couldn’t depend on my A/C machine or forced air furnace to keep my indoor air temperature consistent. My energy costs were constantly increasing no matter what I chose to do. Eventually, I realized that the entire central heating and cooling machine was a dud. I could have been extremely sad about this air conditioning and heating disaster… but I decided to learn a lesson and transport forward, instead. Whenever this Heating & A/C machine does finally stop really working, I’m not going to pay for another extravagant Central Heating & A/C machine. Instead, I will be buying smaller mini split ductless heating and cooling machines. If those end up breaking down, I won’t have to face myself in the mirror with disappointment.

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