Working on building a family and we worked hard to get a nice home

When I decided to start a family with my wife, we were just renting a house.

We were able to set up the extra room as a nursery for our baby.

I even got a few air purifiers to keep the air quality good in the house and I used HEPA air filters as well. We knew that we wanted a bigger family and so we made plans for the next few years. We wanted to work on purchasing a house with plenty of rooms for a growing family. We also knew that we wanted to have excellent air quality in our home and we wanted to have a quality HVAC system. So we worked hard to build up our credit, we saved up as much money as we could, and we eventually went house hunting. We were able to find this really nice home that was on a decent plot of land which was perfect. I also loved the fact that the house had a fireplace which really added ambience to the home. I couldn’t wait to use the fireplace. The thing we had to work on though was the air quality, so I reached out to the HVAC company. We ended up having a UV air purification system installed. The built in air purification system works in tangent with the central HVAC system so germs are not able to make their way through the ductwork. We also had our ductwork system cleaned to make sure the air quality was better than ever. We still use HEPA air filters and I do believe we are ready to have another baby!


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