My rival back in school is now my best friend

It’s crazy how things can change over the years. I actually remember thinking about this guy who I really hated back in high school. We always got into fights and we just couldn’t stand each other. We would do all kinds of things to try to make one another miserable, and it was just terrible times as I recall. I don’t even know why I thought about this guy that used to make my life a living hell. But then I ended up running into the guy when I was on a commercial HVAC repair job. Evidently, this guy also decided to become an HVAC technician like I did after high school. Also, this particular business needed all hands on deck to handle this commercial HVAC repair, and they couldn’t get enough HVAC technicians from any particular HVAC company. This is why they called two different companies and we were the guys who happened to be available for the job. We were forced to work together, but we actually ended up making a pretty good team. With both of our experience with this type of work, we easily knew how to solve the issues with this commercial HVAC system. We were able to knock out the work in no time and we decided to get a drink when we were finished with the job. We laughed about the stupid fights we used to get into and it was weird because we became pretty good friends. Eventually we got a crazy idea to open up our own HVAC company, and we followed through. We now own a pretty successful HVAC business and we are the best of friends.
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