I always wanted to be a successful businessman and I was able to make it happen

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a successful business man when I grew up.

  • I started off young by purchasing candy from the candy store in bulk for the discount and then I would sell candies for 25 cents a piece and a dollar a piece for full sized candy bars.

I actually was able to make pretty good money when I was young because kids I would run into always wanted to get candy, and I was the number one supplier of candy in my neighborhood. I eventually graduated to fixing window A/C units and bikes. I even learned how to fix portable heating units. These appliances weren’t too complicated and I read all about how to fix them at the local library. I made so much more money than just selling candy, but I still sold candy and drinks to people upon request. I realized that HVAC stuff made me a lot of money, so I started focusing more on these items. I started collecting whatever I could find at the junkyard and I would sell parts and HVAC units for a good amount of profit. I eventually started up my own shop that focused on selling these units. Then I thought it would be good if I learned how to work on more advanced HVAC systems, so I went to a trade school to become HVAC certified. I wasn’t interested in working for an HVAC company, I just wanted to run my own business. So I went to work for myself fixing household HVAC systems and I made good money. Eventually I was able to hire my own employees when word spread about my HVAC business. I have been doing remarkably well over the years.


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