Decided to drive across the country to go to the business meeting

I’ve never been a huge fan of flying but my boss needed me to go out to the West to attend this important business meeting.

We were actually in the process of expanding our business out to the West and my boss knew that I was the man for the job.

Well, even though he was going to cover the cost for a flight that was first class, I have always had a fear of flying. I let my boss know about this and he tried to talk me into it. I told him I would drive out there with no issue, and he thought that was crazy, but he went along with it. He said that he would provide me with a rental of my choice, which actually was pretty exciting to me. I ended up getting this new SUV that had excellent fuel economy and all kinds of sweet features. The seats had built in heating and cooling which was amazing to me. The SUV had a remote starter, the stereo had excellent sound quality, and there was satellite radio hooked up. I actually had a pretty good time driving across the country, even though it was tiring having to drive for so many hours each day. I ended up making pretty good timing, but I had to stay at various hotels along the way. Most of the hotels were great, but I did stop at one hotel that I would never go to again. I actually saw a cockroach in the bathroom, and I was able to catch it and throw it out of the window. The climate control system was awful, and I honestly ended up sleeping in my SUV because the place was so disgusting. At least the business meeting went well when I got to my destination.

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