Low temperature control hot and cold temperatures cause frozen evaporator coils

One of the most typical problems that can occur with your heating and cooling plan happens when the evaporator coils become frozen, but the evaporator coils are responsible for absorbing the heat in your home, and when there is a problem with cooling, condensation can freeze on the evaporator coils.

There are a few reasons why the evaporator coils might freeze.

The first and most typical reason is due to a lack of airflow, then if there isn’tair blowing against the coils, then they cannot absorb the heat, and a dirty air filter can also restrict airflow and cause evaporator coils to freeze, low refrigerant is another reason why your plan might have frozen evaporator coils. This is the problem that occurred in my lake new home last weekend, but my wifey and I were throwing a summer time gathering and the cooling system stopped making freezing air. The two of us had to end the gathering early and call a repair supplier to repair the problem. They came the same day to investigate the issue and repair our problem. I thought all of us were doomed to replace the equipment, but the Heating and A/C repair specialist told us that our refrigerant levels were low, then he didn’t find any leaks, despite the fact that he added a significant amount of refrigerant to the system. After a few hours, the ice on the coils melted and the air started to blow colder; Even though our summer time gathering was a complete disaster, all of us were ecstatic that all of us did not have to replace the whole machine. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars, all of us would have spent numerous thoUSAnds of dollars.


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