It’s miserable outside when the rain starts coming down

I live on top of a mountain & I am surrounded by valleys on both sides.

Most of the time, all of us are above the storms & the clouds.

The two of us see lots of gray clouds roll by, but all of us hardly ever get much rain. This weekend was a scarce opportunity when all of us had more rain than all of us needed. It rained all day on Thursday. The two of us had five inches of rain & the ground was saturated with water. Things were going to clear up on Thursday, but the storm just sat in the mountain & didn’t move. It rained most of the day on Thursday & the temperature kept dropping all day until it was close to chilly. I thought all of us might get an early snowfall, but the temperature stayed just above chilly. I had to start a fire on Thursday evening to fight off some of the cold draft. I did not want to turn on the heating system, because I knew the storm would pass. I did not want to waste fuel to run the heating system for two days, so I started a fire in the fireplace. I brought a sizable stack of logs in from the garage & I made a roaring fire. After numerous or 4 hours, the cold draft was gone & the odor of burning wood was the only thing left. I enjoy that odor & it is the greatest reason why I enjoy the fireplace so much. I did not mind taking the opportunity to love a few evenings of learning by the fireplace with a nice cup of cocoa in our hand.

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