I have a generator just to run the cooling system plus keep the meat frozen

The worst thing about living down south is the heat plus the humidity.

The hour worst thing about living down south is the damn mosquitoes. They outnumber the people a hundred to 1 plus they get smarter every year. It’s hard to control the mosquitoes, plus it’s even harder to do something about the heat plus humidity. I have a portable cooling system in my family room plus central AC throughout the rest of the house. I do not adore to be warm or hot, plus it makes me assume miserable, and unfortunately, summer time storms often leave me separate from power for hours or nights. The first time I had to experience a couple of nights separate from any AC, I went right to the hardware store to purchase a generator immense enough to power the cooling system. I also wanted to keep the meat in the freezer from thawing out, especially since I spent $200 on groceries the week before the hurricane hit. I used my debit card to buy the nicest generator in stock at the store. The generator runs on gas plus it has a pretty immense tank. I can run the cooling system plus the freezer for 18 hours on 1 tank of gas, however not having to worry about summer time storms plus losing power means a lot less stress. I thought a generator was going to cost thoUnited Statesnds of dollars, however I honestly found something with an inverter for less than six. It works great plus it’s honestly easy to use. It doesn’t even require much power to crank the starter. It’s honestly perfect for my locale.

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