Have a good night he says

My local heating plus air conditioner business is a pretty nice guy.

He is so nice plus polite periodically I can not recognize it is sincere.

But it is, but one of the things he constantly says that cracks me up is “have a good night”. He will say this even if he is toiling on your central heating plus air conditioner method in the daytime minutes or day! I am not sure what the deal is with this, and maybe he is used to toiling on central heating plus air conditioners into the evening time? It is something I will never understand or know. If I was friends with this heating plus air conditioner business, I would make fun of him plus make jokes every single time he said this when he was leaving. But since he is not plus just our local heat plus cooling worker, I laugh to myself if it is the middle of the day when he says this. But he is an outstanding Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist as well. He constantly gets to the root of the problem pretty fast, plus he is usually in plus out of our condo within less than an minute! No matter what the problem with our central heating plus air conditioner method is. It could even be with something as detailed as a motor substitutement. He would still be in plus out in less than an minute while keeping the smile on his face plus being genuinely polite plus friendly. I certainly hope our local heating plus air conditioner business never goes out of business!


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