I honestly forgot about opening the flue for the fireplace

When my fiance and I finally purchased a home, we were honestly blissful that the lake house had a fireplace; Both of us had never used a fireplace so we honestly didn’t guess much about it… It was advocated to us that we always get a chimney sweep to clean everything out before using the fireplace for the Winter time months.

  • When we first started using the fireplace and the gas gas furnace for this winter, there was a bunch of smoke pouring into the house.

I didn’t guess why there was all this smoke and then my fiance said that I honestly forgot to open the flue. I realized that she was right. Without the flue being open, all of the smoke would naturally come pouring into the lake house from the fireplace, then so I put out the fire and waited for a little while and after that I was able to reach a pole up to open the flue. Then I was blissful when we were able to use the fireplace without the smoke coming into the house. The fireplace was unquestionably great and comfortable. I also decided to install a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature control settings for the gas furnace. I honestly like that smart thermostat especially while using the fireplace because I can actually make adjustments to the temperature control settings when I’m great in front of the fireplace and I don’t want to get up. It’s also convenient to use when my fiance and I are at labor and we are coming home. Both of us are able to adjust the temperature control settings just right so it will be cozy when we step through the front door.
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