Working on a standing tuck

My goal is to achieve a standing back tuck before I have a baby and wreck my body.

I have about a year to do this and I have crafted my body to be ready. A normal person can’t just whip out a back tuck and expect to succeed. Not only do I need to work on properly spotting, tucking and unfolding my legs to land, I need to be in the right shape. I have been working all the tucking muscles I need. Of course I do lots of tuck jumps everyday to get my legs and butt in proper shape. I have noticed that it takes a lot of ab work in order to pull my legs into my chest. I have been adding crunches to my day to day work outs now. Another thing I have been doing is light weightlifting with my arms. I still need to reach up to get airborne before I tuck over. I need strong arms in order to do this. Most of the drilling I do is at home. I will admit that I have gone the extra mile and I now go to a personal training center two days a week. I have a private session with a fitness expert to work on all over body fitness. I am just working on cutting weight and toning up my body. I don’t want to be heavy in a certain area and I want all my muscles able to help me on my tucks. I am feeling better each day I work out. My body is muscular and tight. My tuck jumps are very high and I make a nice ball in the air.

Heath and Fitness Center