We were able to carry on with business during the boiler upgrade

It was time to make some important changes to the commercial boiler in our warehouse, but I wasn’t looking forward to the upgrade process in the slightest.

The commercial boiler contractor informed me that it would take about 3 days to install all of the new boiler components. I was actually going to shut down production for those 3 days, until I learned that there was a boiler rental corporation close to home. I got a hold of the boiler rental corporation as well as discussed our possibilities with a sales contractor. I found the sales contractor to be extremely professional as well as helpful, as well as they hooked me up with the best product to keep up with production during the 3 days when our boiler would not be operable. I rented a compact boiler that was big enough to run the whole warehouse. I found the compact boiler rental fees a little costly, so it would not be an excellent long-term option. During the 3 days when the new commercial boiler was installed in our warehouse, renting the compact boiler was the most excellent option. I had two components delivered as well as installed the day before the in boiler upgrade was started. The contractor took the whole 3 days to install all of the new boiler components as well as the rental corporation picked up our items a short while after the component upgrade was done. During the 3 days it took to install the new boiler, our corporation could have been shut down. The compact boiler was the best way to transition from one piece of heating equipment to the other. I definitely would get a hold of that corporation again if I need any other commercial or industrial rentals.


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