They only like to work upper body

Twice a month my brothers and cousin get together to do a group work out.

We all pick what a station should be and everyone rotates in each station.

It is fun chatting together and working out. It is really motivating seeing the others sweat buckets and work their butts off. It is clear that I work out with all men though. The stations they pick all have to do with arms, back or shoulders. I usually have punching gloves on and hit a heavy bag. I always end up doing push ups, holding planks or using battle ropes. The men just don’t like to do lower body. Occasionally my cousin will pick a station to be an ab one where you lay on an inflated ball and crunch. I always choose a lower body exercise. Not only is it good for the guys, but my upper body needs a break. I usually choose for them to squat a minute, do a wall sit or frog jumps across the carport. The men all complain bitterly. After an hour of work out, they may have done five minutes of lower body and that is all they talk about. For me, my arms hurt to the point I have trouble shampooing my hair in the shower. I think it is good for me though. I know that as a woman I tend to only focus on legs and butt. Every now and then I should think about my upper body and tone it a little. I don’t want to be disproportionate like the men in my family are.