It was critical to get these shirts

I had t-shirts ordered for a huge event I was attending. Both of us had 200 custom printed t-shirts with our local business’s logo printed on the pocket. When The t-shirts were delivered, every last 1 of them had the wrong logo, plus they were all the same size. I called the business right away, plus they apologized for the mix-up, plus they gave to reprint the t-shirts for us that day. Unfortunately, it was going to take almost 2 weeks for them to actually reprint plus supply the current t-shirts. I packed up the misprinted t-shirts plus sent directly them back to the supplier with postage paid by them. I now had to rapidly get the t-shirts plus to get them fast. I had less than 1 day before the fair, plus I didn’t want to have to attend without the t-shirts for our buyers. I found 1 local supplier that gave ‘Rush Order Tees’ plus I suddenly contacted them on my cell. They gave embroidery, screen, plus a multitude of other printing services. I found that they also gave printing service information in case I wasn’t sure what I wanted that day or needed. When I asked about their turn around from purchaser request to having the items in our hands, the printing supplier promised to have it for myself and others right away. I would have our t-shirts in hand in time to take them to the event for me. I loved their printing services plus I am already telling every supplier I normally work with that their printing services are the only 1 I would use.