I’m glad we didn’t have to shut down production with our boiler upgrade

It was time to make some crucial changes to the commercial boiler in our warehouse, although I was worried about the installation process. The commercial boiler contractor told myself and others that it would take a few days to have all of the new boiler components installed. I was going to shut down the warehouse completely for those days, until I came to learn that a boiler rental supplier was close to home. I called the boiler rental supplier as well as discussed the few options that were available with a sales worker. I found the sales worker to be quite knowledgeable as well as helpful, as well as they hooked myself and others up with the finest product to run the warehouse through the new boiler installation. I rented a compact boiler that was the right size to run the whole warehouse. I found the compact boiler rental fees a little high, so it would not be a doable long-term option. During the few days when the new commercial boiler was installed in our warehouse, renting the compact boiler was a suitable option. I had 2 components delivered as well as installed the afternoon before the in boiler installation was officially started. The contractor took those days to install all of the new boiler components as well as the rental supplier picked up our items within hours after the machine installation was completed. During the time it took to install the new boiler, our supplier could have been closed. The compact boiler was the most fantastic way to transition from one piece of heating machine to the other. I would call that particular supplier again in the future if I need any other commercial or industrial machine rentals.

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