I need to start my day right

I get really bored and irritated.

My day can be excellent or just okay, it all depends on how early I wake up in the morning. If I get up really early, I can start my day right. I get myself a cup of coffee and drive over to my health and fitness center. I have an hour group fitness class led by a certified fitness expert. The whole class is heavy cardio and wake up drills. I do a ton of jump roping, hoppig, skipping and even some dancing. By the end of the hour I am pumped up, sweating and loose as a goose. Going to work doesn’t seem so bad. I am in a great mood and my body feels wonderful. After work I then have time to run any errands I want and I make it home with enough time to play before dinner. If I am a lazy slug in the morning, everything gets messed up. If I wait too long I can’t make my group fitness class. I have to head right to work where I feel sluggish, tired and my body hurts. Also, I have to do the after work session at my local gym. The other class is a yoga based one. That class is more relaxing and finding peace. I get really bored and irritated. It is my punishment though. I then don’t have time for errands unless I want to hurry through them and need to make dinner the moment I arrive home. It is all punishment for me. I make myself do not fun things when I don’t get up and move each morning.
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