I like having a hotel fitness room

When I book a hotel room I always ensure there is some type of gym available.

I have learned to be very careful when booking though. Sometimes the gym is nothing more than a broom closet with a single treadmill. Other times the fitness center is really more of a spa. I have booked places where you can get a massage, sit in a sauna and take a steam bath. There is no place to actually do physical activity. Anytime the hotel has a body wellness center, I worry that it is all relaxation geared. I won’t shy away from fitness classes though. I have found places that pair with a core progression gym and you need to work with a personal trainer in a group fitness class. That is your only option. I like working with a fitness expert from time to time. Bad habits get corrected, I learn new things to incorporate in my workouts and I like the group setting. My favorite however is just a plain old gym with the necessary fitness gear. I really like running on a treamidle for about thirty minutes. Then I want to bring out a yoga mat to stretch and do some abs. After that I might lift free weights or do a leg press for the final ten minutes of my work out. More often than not, if I am willing to research, call the hotel and pay a little more, I can get the gym I want. It is worth it to me to spend more to have a good work out.

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