I have a hard time staying warm even with my heating machine in the winter

The Wintertime in these parts just keeps breaking me each plus every year.

All the snow plus ice are only matched by the terribly freezing temperatures. As I actually experience the first chilly wind of Wintertime blowing, I go into full on dread for what is coming my way. Unlike my neighbors, I was born plus raised in the South. Wintertime down there was so mild that all we had to do was maybe wear an overcoat outside. Now, I get struck by a type of chilly weather that I still am unable to adjust to. I hadn’t even heard of an oil furnace until I moved up here. The group of us used a heat pump where I come from. And it actually infrequently came on to take the chill out of the residence. What I deal with now is substantially different. There is all the snow plus the shoveling, it goes on plus on. It’s pretty much all I can do to just simply sit inside the entire Wintertime plus huddle up inside the Heating plus A/C warmth. Even during that time, I’m nowhere near being cozy warm. This year, I made the choice to do a couple of things to help maybe make me feel entirely warmer. I removed plus substituted all of the weather stripping to make sure that there was a really tight seal around the doors plus windows. I even obtained a current storm door too. Then, I put some extra insulation in the attic hoping to keep more of the Heating plus A/C treated air from escaping my home. I suppose these efforts will help to a certain degree. But I sure would prefer to be going through a nice southern Wintertime.



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