I don’t like that the people next door are smoking weed

I think the neighbors in the apartment next to mine smoke weed, because I regularly smell it all through the day & all night… The bunch of us don’t have medical or recreational marijuana legalized in this state, so I think they are actually breaking the law.

There are times when I want to call the police to report the behavior, even though I don’t want the neighbors to find out that it was me.

The police say you can report a crime anonymously, but they also record the number & ask for a name. The neighbors regularly have sketchy looking characters in & out of the household all night long. I told our landlord about the weed odor, but she shrugged her shoulders. I think the landlord legitimately smokes weed too, because her eyes are constantly red. She told myself and others that the section was their private space & she could not evict them just because I thought I smelled some marijunana. We live right next to each other & our ventilation ductwork must be shared. At night, the weed odor is intense. If I stuck my head inside the HVAC duct, I might catch a contact buzz. I hate the skunky, pungent odor coming from their locale… My study room is starting to smell pretty much like an ashtray because of the smoke in the next apartment. I have quite a few months left on our lease & I was going to renew for another year. The prices are low & utilities like water, sewer, & gas are included. Sadly, I’ll legitimately leave if the weed odor continues to creep into our apartment.



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