He’s not in shape and is struggling work on our home

My boyfriend and I recently bought a house that we have three months to fix up before moving in. The two of us having been going hardcore at the house since buying it. I have scrapped all the popcorn ceilings and painted them. I have been moving through the house painting the walls, sanding the wood, adding new lights and switch plates. My boyfriend is working on laying brand new tile flooring in each room. The two of us started out planning to go every weekend and work full days. Eight hour shifts two days a week shouldn’t be bad. When my boyfriend suggested it, I was worried that I couldn’t physically do it. Now that I am used to the routine, I love it. My boyfriend on the other hand is struggling. He complains of sore muscles, injuries and fatigue. I know the reason he can’t keep up with me, he doesn’t work out. I go to a core progression gym three days a week and I do my own exercises at home the rest of the days. I stretch everyday and I also watch what I eat. I am in good shape and due to this, I never am sore after working on the house. I can go eight straight hours without sitting down. My boyfriend spends most of the time taking breaks, talking about the job he is doing and tries to leave early when we work. He really needs to get in better shape or our tile floors are never going to be completed.

Personal Fitness Trainer