Getting pool party ready

Every year my brother hosts a pool party in the middle of summer. Each year I stress about looking good in my swimsuit. I am a nervous eater too. So I usually gain a bunch of weight because I am so worried about looking heavy. Makes no sense right? This year I am actually going to look good at the party. I have planned for two months before the party to go to a body wellness center. I found a group fitness class that meets three days a week. They do a majority of cardio exercises like jump roping, skipping, dancing and running across the gym. There is also an ab portion of the class that I am excited for. Having a toned stomach in my bikini will be a new thing for me. As part of the fitness class, I was able to sign up for nutritional counseling as well. I decided to go for it and get it all taken care of. I work out at the gym three days a week and twice a month talk to the nutritional counselor. I got a health program on the first day that I have been trying to follow. The health plan isn’t too difficult. I eat way less sugar, bread and cheese than I would like, but it is necessary to have a toned stomach. The meetings with the counselor now are just to ensure I am following the program and am happy. I am almost a month in and I already look great. I hope I don’t start informing my diet plan since I am so nervous about being in a bikini in a month.