Converting from an oil to a gas furnace

When we first moved into our house, it was outfitted with an ancient oil furnace.

I wasn’t happy with this type of heating system.

Oil furnaces are dirty, create fumes and are bad for the environment. They aren’t overly energy efficient and are extremely inconvenient. I needed to be conscientious about scheduling fuel delivery. I’d then waste a day, waiting around for the oil delivery to be completed. I hated the sacrificing space to the giant tank in my yard, and it was terribly ugly. I also worried about a leak and running out of heat during the middle of a winter blizzard. In my local area, the temperature can drop down to twenty below zero. We can’t just live without heat until we can manage to workout a delivery of fuel. I expected that the conversion from oil to gas heating would be quite expensive and complicated. After living with the oil furnace for a couple of years, I finally contacted an HVAC contractor for an estimate. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the conversion and went ahead with the installation of a natural gas furnace. The entire project required a home improvement loan, but I was more than ready to make the investment. The new furnace is so much more energy efficient that it’s pretty much paying for itself. It filters contaminants out of the indoor air and maintains a very even temperature. There’s no bad smell and the system is quiet, clean and safe. The only thing I need to schedule for the furnace is annual maintenance to keep it running properly.

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