Tough to make this HVAC decision

I have never really been all that good at making the tough decision.

My approach tends to lean toward overthinking stuff and not just pulling the trigger on a decision.

But that is also in keeping with much of how I deal with stuff like making a decision on a car or an HVAC. I simply have the worst time being comfortable with making a final decision. So, when the HVAC tech came to the door to tell me that my HVAC was close to the end, I knew this would be another tough decision. I even tried to get the HVAC tech to make the decision for me. I peppered him with all sorts of questions that of course he couldn’t give exact answers to. To his credit, the HVAC tech did his best to help guide my thinking without committing to anything specific. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy task. But he left me the card of the HVAC contractor at his shop. The card went in my wallet in keeping with not making a decision. This went on for about another month or more. Then, I had to call the HVAC company yet again to come out to service the dying HVAC unit. This time the HVAC tech told me that I needed to make immediate plans or I could end up with no HVAC at all for a while. So, that’s what I did. With the help of the HVAC contractor, I was able to find a good replacement model and an affordable payment plan. I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to do this.


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